New York State Peer Worker Certification Program in HIV, HCV or Harm Reduction Supervisor Evaluation

The evaluation below should be completed by the direct supervisor of an individual seeking Certification as an NYS Peer Worker. We encourage supervisors to carefully read all instructions before completing the online “Peer Certification Supervisor Evaluation Form.” Supervisors should review a printed copy with the peer worker, allow them to provide comments before both parties sign, and the peer worker finally uploads the evaluation to their online application. Questions? Call Peer Certification Review Board Consultant Stephen Sebor at (631) 444-3209.

What constitutes a successful evaluation?
  • Numbers 1-8 (under Practicum Evaluation Section) must have a rating of satisfactory or exemplary
  • Core Competencies should all be rated “meets” or “making progress”
  • A minimum of 25 Specialized Competencies must be met per track.
If this is not the case for your peer workers evaluation, you should continue the practicum with them to improve their skills until the above criteria can be met.